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It is more and more frequently indicated that professional success depends upon one’s ability to create unique and amazing solutions to standard as well as non-standard problems. The contemporary theory of education is gradually moving away from the knowledge-transmitting and knowledge-gaining approach. This paper attempts to show the opportunities for improving and benefiting from creative competences of entertainers employed in various institutions. The author presents formal and informal education assumptions which were followed by the definitions of entertainment in education, entertainer and creative competences. Some of the desired features of entertainers undertaking educational activities in learning centers were identified. The picture that emerges from these characteristics highlights entertainers as individuals who create conditions conducive to their pupils’ creative thinking and engagement with learning. Finally, the importance of improving their professional quality was underlined.


formal and informal education entertainment entertainer creative competences animacja edukacja formalna i nieformalna animator kompetencje kreacyjne

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Karwalajtys, U. ., & Pasterniak-Kobyłecka, E. . (2019). ON THE NEED TO IMPROVE CREATIVE COMPETENCES OF INFORMAL EDUCATION ENTERTAINERS: AN OUTLINE OF THE PROBLEM. Dyskursy Młodych Andragogów/Adult Education Discourses, (20).