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The main goal of this article is the analysis of sex/gender and its roles in terms of Charles Darwin’s and his successors’ theories. The problem of ‘nature vs. culture’ in this discourse is fundamental and I refer to it. I also present the critical arguments against evolutionary theories raised by feminists. It is also presented how this criticism influenced rethinking sex/gender from anevolutionary perspective: from Darwin himself through zoopsychology, ethology, sociobiology to evolutionary psychology. The arguments illustrating whether it is possible to combine the views presented by feminists and evolutionary science about sex/gender are presented. Finally, I wonder if it is possible to put a sign of equality between nature and culture in the context of human sexuality.


Darwin evolutionism ethology sociobiology evolutionary psychology gender Darwin ewolucjonizm etologia socjobiologia psychologia ewolucyjna gender

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Ober-Domagalska, B. (2019). GENDER AND THEORIES – DEVELOPMENT OF VIEWS ON GENDER IN EVOLUTIONARY THEORIES. Dyskursy Młodych Andragogów/Adult Education Discourses, (20).